Mission Statement

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At OnchainGuru we aim to provide helpful information about blockchain & cryptocurrencies. We’ll try to provide you with a balanced mix of timely news articles, blockchain project reviews, crypto tutorials, interviews and more.

In essence we want to witness and discuss the societal change from ‘online’ to ‘on the blockchain’ together with you.

Blockchain technology basically has the potential to bring our entire life online in a better way, or better said ‘Onchain’, ‘On Chain’ or on the blockchain, whichever way you wanna’ say it, write it.

The difference between having data simply online or having it on-chain is the revolution here!

Our philosophy about the onchain space revolves around keeping an open mind to all the emerging opportunities cryptocurrencies and blockchain offer.

In our opinion, there are no real ‘Guru’s’, there’s only information and different points of view. Let’s digest the news, keep an open mind and add some critical thinking into the mix while we explore, discuss and learn more about the endless ways cryptocurrencies and blockchain can transform our society for the better.

From simple financial freedom, to new ways to organise our governmental bodies, we believe blockchain provides humanity a chance to do things better, to be more efficient, inclusive, fair,… At the same time it is really important that we guide the change from online to on-chain in a thoughtful way, so that we can preserve our liberties and freedom.

So, whether you are just getting started or you’re a seasoned blockchain expert, we hope you will enjoy the content here at Onchain Guru. Don’t hesitate to connect with us for suggestions, collaborations or share whatever is on your mind.


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