Roger Ver Announces 200 Million Dollar Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem Development Fund!

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Bitcoin Cash evangelist Roger Ver has just announced a two hundred million USD development fund to bolster the usage of Bitcoin Cash in commerce. The scoop was delivered last night on November 20th, 2019, at the London Bitcoin Cash Meet-up.

In this write-up we’ll briefly discuss the upcoming Bitcoin Cash Development fund, the vision behind the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, Roger Ver’s drive to spread ‘economic freedom’ & what part cryptocurrency and blockchain play in this.

Bitcoin Cash Community ‘Rejoice’

Bitcoin Cash Development Fund Poised To Bolster Cryptocurrency Usage In Commerce

While the specific details about the fund are not out yet, this is most definitely great news for peer-to-peer electronic cash supporters, developers & entrepreneurs with a vision to spread actual usage of cryptocurrencies as cash. ‘Un-censorable, Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash in Commerce’ used to be the main narrative for Bitcoin (BTC) & was ‘THE’ Killer App for a while, however, high fees have made it prohibitively expensive and cumbersome to use in commerce.

Roger Ver – “ is launching a 200 million dollar Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem fund – We are going to invest in businesses who are going to build on top of Bitcoin Cash – We are really eager to build more economic tools to bring more economic freedom to people all over the world”

The Bitcoin Cash Community & Vision For Bitcoin (BCH)

The Bitcoin Cash community stands for a future where the cost of a Bitcoin Cash transaction remains negligible and happens on chain. The idea being that you should be able to pay for your daily purchases with Bitcoin Cash without significantly altering your purchase price due to high transaction fees.

At the same time Bitcoin Cash proponents believe that it will be imperative for the health and security of the blockchain, that transaction fees will have to substitute miner fees in the long run. In other words, mass adoption in commerce will keep the fees low for users and the aggregate fee amount through billions of e-commerce transactions should be more than enough to incentivise the miners and keep the network safe. 


Who is Roger Ver?  What Seems To Drive Him?

Relentless Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash Evangelist

Roger Ver has been a major influencer and investor in the Bitcoin & cryptocurrency ecosystem since its early beginnings. He has always been a fervent advocate for using cryptocurrency as cash. As the main narrative changed for the (BTC) Bitcoin blockchain into using Bitcoin as ‘Digital Gold’, Roger has switched into backing the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain since the contentious hard fork back in august, 2017. He’s well known for this libertarian views and has described himself in the past as a ‘voluntarist’.


There’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding his person within the different factions of the blockchain & cryptocurrency space. However, if you’re willing to take an objective stance, you’d soon realise that he’s just a man with a mission to see un-censorable, peer-to-peer electronic cash prosper & becoming a reality. Nothing more, nothing less… He aims to spread the idea of economic freedom around the world and today believes that Bitcoin Cash is the best vehicle to achieve that goal.

He has stated many times that he’d endorse any cryptocurrency which achieves the goal of spreading economic freedom around the world. So while he might not be enthusiastic about the BTC chain anymore, you’d have to admit he has consistently been promoting peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world over the past 10 years. 

Whether you believe that he’s backing the right cryptocurrency blockchain chain or not, is probably irrelevant. Anyone powering through with such passion to spread economic freedom deserves to be recognised for it. Don’t you think? Now, for those still wondering what this idea of ‘economic freedom’ really stands for and why the end result is far more important than the road towards it… (As in: You shouldn’t care which blockchain ‘wins’)

What does it mean to spread ‘economic freedom’ through cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology?

In essence, you could compare it with the democratisation of knowledge. ‘It’ used to be stuck in books written by monks & its contents were almost exclusively meant for the benefit of clergy & aristocrats. That started to change with the invention of the printing press in 1440 and really exploded with the birth of internet. Undoubtedly, the internet has been levelling the playing field across the world, and the benefits of that ‘free knowledge transfer’ is helping millions of people to escape poverty & helping to accelerate technological progress on a daily basis for everyone on planet earth.

Now the battleground has moved from democratising knowledge to the ‘Democtratization Of Money’ aka – bringing economic freedom to more people on earth. 

You might find that idea preposterous if you are sitting on huge amounts of your seemingly stable fiat Euro or fiat US Dollar in your trusted & FDIC insured bank account.

However, make no mistake about it, this is also about your personal freedom and the preservation of your acquired wealth for generations to come. You might forget that every time you swipe your credit card, you’re actually asking permission to your bank if you ‘may’ use ‘your cash’ to buy that coffee. You might not even realise that the inflation stealth tax is hard at work every year to steal your purchasing power.

Yes, the cost of a loaf of bread will double in price over the next 20 years, but the average income will not.

And yes, you are being robbed in broad daylight as you are allowing today’s ‘aristocrats’ enslave you, by handing them control over your assets. It is as bad of an idea now, as it was many hundreds of years ago. Allowing knowledge to be the exclusive right of the ‘privileged’ not only impoverished the poor, it stifled progress and thus quality of life.

Democratising money is at least equivalent to spreading freedom. There is no plausible reasoning why those in favour of a free society not endorse the ideas of liberty & equality for all. Quasi-free transactions will enable millions, and later billions of people to escape poverty and participate into the world economy as equals. If you take friction out of te equation, things run smoother!

Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to share, connect, and promote economic freedom 🙂


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